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This is a project very dear to our hearts. My sweet partner, Soren McCarty, is responsible for the idea as well as the filming and editing of these videos which were originally filmed at our sacred Samadhi in Denver, Colorado. It has been named “One of the Top 10 Studios in the World”. We then film me doing my own class in beautiful locations like Peru, Jamaica or the Colorado Mountains and Soren edits the two together creating a “MASHUP” of the two videos.

Soren was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer in January 2020 just before Corona came and swept us ALL with a NEW reality. This project is so dear to us as Samadhi and our community has been our life-force and blood for many years. As of today (August 6, 2020) the tumor has shrunk 50% and our beautiful home at Samadhi has been closed due to COVID. That makes these videos even MORE sacred.

We have a year of Sunday classes filmed and will continue to release those as they are ready. Many consider our Sunday class a coming home or a modern day expression like going to church. The difference is, with Kundalini Yoga we EXPERIENCE that which we all want to believe. The answers are within you.

We LOVE YOU all.

Sat Nam, Jacki and Soren

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