Video Classes

Live Weekly Online Classes

These are LIVESTREAM ONLINE Kundalini Yoga classes filmed from Breckenridge, CO. Each class is just over an hour in length and includes a gong bath and meditation. Catch the replay here!

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Pod-class Mashup Videos (Samadhi Center + Nature)

This is a project very dear to our hearts. My sweet partner, Soren McCarty, is responsible for the idea as well as the filming and editing of these videos which were originally filmed at our sacred Samadhi in Denver, Colorado. It has been named “One of the Top 10 Studios in the World”. We then film me doing my own class in beautiful locations like Peru, Jamaica or the Colorado Mountains and Soren edits the two together creating a “MASHUP” of the two videos.

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Spiritual Rebirthing Series: Heal & Transcend

A 31 class ONLINE Kundalini Yoga Series to EMPOWER, EVOLVE and AWAKEN.

This is the highest level of healing Kundalini Yoga has to offer and I’ve lead the entire series for over a decade to seekers around the world.

This is for you if you’re ready to release subconscious blocks created from traumas and dramas of the past (fear, anger, resentment) and ignite your most confident, radiant and intuitive self.

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Awaken Your Purpose

A series of 14 Kundalini Yoga practices filmed in Maui, HA.
Specific practices centered around clarity, prosperity and manifesting!


5 Day Challenge: "All New You"

A series of five 30 minute simple practices and bonus strategies to get your life back into alignment!


Kundalini to Amplify Intentions

The reason Kundalini (the oldest form of yoga) was hidden (to be practiced only by royalty) is that it is POWERFUL!

We have so many ancient yogic tools (mantras, meditations, kriyas) that direct intentions and allow miracles to flow freely.

The biggest facet to manifestation is to create from a place of joy and enthusiasm and in this workshop, you will learn specific protocols to define your purpose, get clear on the steps needed to bring that purpose to life and remain true to your birthright of happiness.

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