"exactly what I needed"

“My life has completely changed since my first kundalini class with Jacki.

I felt better immediately- a rush of total happiness. The rebirthing series was exactly what I needed. It was crucial for me to let go of all the hurt that had piled up over the years and start with a clean slate. I had no idea I had so much pain and self- loathing bottled up inside.

I let go of the business I was running  and my family and I are traveling the world spending quality time with each other and making memories that will last a life- time. My husband and I have rekindled our relationship and have found each other again. We are experiencing the life we dreamt of having when we first got married after many years of feeling lost and unhappy. Thank you Jacki- I feel like myself again.”


"in deep gratitude"

“The Kundalini classes have deeply changed me – way more than all the counseling and other stuff I’ve participated in to find healing. I’m in deep gratitude for your work.”


"truly amazing"

“Jacki that was incredible! The practices you create for us are truly amazing – I’m feeling so light and clear right now thanks to you and this series.”


"What a gift she is"

“I love Jacki and everything she does! Everyone needs a Jacki in their lives!!! She has helped me find my happy, ease anxiety and restore my self-confidence while giving me the needed tools to “ignite my purpose.” I was really struggling to see my unique gifts just before meeting her.  What a gift she is. Her massage, cupping, acupuncture, retreats, facial acupuncture and Kundalini seriously changed my life – for the better. Whatever she has to offer, whatever workshops she schedules or seminars she leads I am IN.”


"so much more than I ever expected"

“I gotta say, these videos have been amazing for me. So much more than I ever expected to get from doing this series. I knew it would be great, just didn’t realize the depth of healing. I feel such a difference in my overall self, my state of mind, more confidence and clarity. Lighter, brighter, and just a renewal of spirit within. Thanks fo this gift you have given us.”


"eternally grateful"

“Hi Jacki! Today I finished the Rebirthing classes. I can’t thank you enough for bringing this into my life. It was perfect timing and helped me clear so much shit out. Shit I didn’t even know was there. I feel this course has changed my view of myself, my purpose and the way I approach life and other people. I am eternally grateful! You are one of my Spiritual Guides in life. Thank you so much!”

-Graduate with a degree is Spirituality from University in Hawaii

"Jacki’s style is unique and highly transformational"

“Acupuncture helped me feel centered, relaxed and in my flow.  Very much helped me with my anxiety. Jacki’s style is unique and highly transformational she stands out from the other’s I’ve worked with in an incredible way!”


"my life has been transformed"

“Hi Jacki! I wanted to take the time to write you a note about my experience with the Rebirthing Series, and thank you for guiding me through it.

WOW. I was hoping and praying for change, but WOW has my life been transformed! The universe guided me to one of your Facebook videos at a very low point for me. I was struggling to overcome anger, self-hate, and lack of confidence in myself. I embarked on the Rebirthing Series with the intent to let go of some very heavy events from my distant and not so distant past. Things I have struggled with for the past 10 years!

I started the series almost two months ago now, and I don’t know the last time I had this much patience and empathy, both for myself and others. All that rage and anger I experienced on a near daily basis has dissipated. My anxiety has decreased, and I am sleeping better than I have in a long time. I even have started the series again, and I am easily making it through all the exercises without dropping my arms or modifying the post!!! That was a huge eye opener for me. I have more self-love and self-respect and the confidence to be who I am and achieve whatever I desire. I am HAPPY and FREE.

This series is FOR REAL! I am loving Kundalini and will keep it up. Thank you so much for this gift. Thank you for guiding this transformative series! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

"by far my favorite teacher yet"

“Kundalini changed my life and helped me explore a deeper connection to my higher self and spirit.  I have since moved to NYC and SF after years  of practicing with Jacki in Denver and have now experienced many different teachers, but Jacki definitely has an amazing, powerful and gentle style that is beneficial to both the seasoned as well as the new practitioner.  She  brings a certain charisma and so much of her (great) personality into the practice with a lot of humor and self-reflection. She’s by far my favorite teacher yet!”


"changed my life"

“Jacki’s kundalini changed my life. On a very fundamental level, I found a community of like-minded people. On a deeper level it guided me to open up spiritually and helped me explore a greater relationship with myself and others.”