Kundalini Rebirthing Series Mantras

We TUNE-IN to every practice by chanting 3xs:


“I bow to the wisdom within”

**Use this tune-in as an opportunity to step into your higher self. It’s from this place that we can observe ourself with no judgement and make the transformations necessary for spiritual growth!

Ra Ma Da Sa


It can be used for yourself and also as distance healing for others.

You may also use it to bring healing to the planet or groups of people.

Ra= the Sun (energizing)
Ma= the Moon (receiving, nurturing)
Da= the Earth (grounding)
Sa= the Totality of Everything (cosmos/ we are all one)
Sa= the Impersonal Infinity
Say= the Personal Experience
So= the Personal Experience of Merging with the Divine
Hung= the Infinite

This mantra calls on healing from all elements and declares I am worthy and one with that healing ability.

I suggest doing this meditation for 3-11 minutes each day.

The music I use is:
Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung
by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa
(You may want to download the music from the Spirit Voyage website if doing the meditation daily)

Har Haray Haree

We use this mantra to help bring our ideas to fruition.

Har- represents the creative seed of potential
Haray- represents putting that potential into action
Haree- represents the final form of creation

Sa Ta Na Ma

We use this mantra as a catalyst for change and transformation. It’s used to help us move past blocks and obstacles. This is like SAT NAM (truth is my path) broken down into syllables

Sa– birth, cosmos
Ta– life
Na– death, transformation
Ma– rebirth