Kundalini Rebirthing Series Journaling Prompts

Journaling will set you up for the entire program. Below are journaling prompts for each stage of the Rebirthing Series.

Classes 1-4: House Cleaning

1. Create a timeline of events in your life that have had an impact on you

2. Include both joyful and painful experiences

3. Step into your highest expression of Self

4. Go back and begin to evaluate

5. What does the enlightened YOU have to say to the “young” you?

6. Include both how others have impacted YOU and how YOU have impacted others

7. If you were to rewrite the events, what would be at the center of the new story? Is it compassion, non-attachment, self-love, health? Then rewrite the story so that the lesson is now the center of the story.

PAST- How did you show up in the past?
PRESENT- How are you showing up currently?
FUTURE- How do you want to be remembered at the end of your life and what needs to SHIFT?

Class 5: Removing Subconscious Blocks

There is a part in this session where you “attack” any pain that has played a part in your life.

What experiences have brought you pain?

LET THIS BE LIGHT AND FUN- YOU ARE AMUSED! You are capable of letting it go. Allow yourself to find JOY and ease in this process. YOU DESERVE THIS!

After the session, rewrite the story.

What lesson is now at the center of your story?

Rewrite the story around this lesson (confidence, independence, acceptance, etc). Create affirmations around the new story so that when triggers come up you can reach for the POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS (I AM FORGIVENESS, I AM LOVE, I AM HEALTHY, ETC).

Class 6 : A Renewed Self- Concept

What do you want to take with you into another lifetime and what would you prefer to NOT take with you?

It’s time to LET THAT GO!

At the end of your life, what do you want to be able to say and observe about your experience here?

What do you need to let go of AND step into in order to make that a reality?

How will you SHOW UP FROM HERE ON?

Class 7: Letting Go of the Pain of the 7th Year

What can you remember about your 7th year? Were you with your parents? Where did you live? Siblings?

How do those memories feel?

How can you rewrite the stories and what lesson is at the center of the new story? Compassion? Commitment? Growth? Independence?

If you were to rewrite the story for the other people involved, what would be at the center of THEIR new story?

Can you find forgiveness and LET GO?

How do your NEW stories feel and what affirmations can be written around them? I Am Confident! I Am Loved!

Class 8: Ghost Kriya: Clear the Ghosts & Open Intuition

Evaluate the timeline of life in terms of what you thought you wanted to do to provide service while on this Planet. What “did you want to be when you grow up” so to speak…enjoy the memories and notice what emotions come up for you.

Do you need to forgive yourself for anything here?

Are you ok that those things did or didn’t happen?

Class 9: Clearing Our Subconscious Stories

What does it feel like to “give your pain away?”

What pain would you give away?

How do you feel?

Do you feel like less of a person?

Do you feel lighter or heavier?

Can you redefine yourself around this new identity?

Are you in a state of allowance or disallowance?

What will you replace the pain with?

Are you capable of allowing that NEW state to replace the old state of suffering?

Class 11: Unloading the Subconscious

FORGIVENESS is the theme! Start with yourself. Take it seriously and spend some time on this one if none of the others.

Who are you forgiving?

Who do you seek forgiveness from?

It’s said that if we can forgive ourself, then all others including Creator will forgive us too.

Class 12: Unloading Your Pain & Fear 1

Do you give yourself permission to live free of pain and fear?

How does it feel?

Class 13: Unloading Your Pain & Fear 2

What are the 3 biggest things causing you pain & fear currently?

What lesson is at the center of each scenario?

What affirmation can you create to remind you of that lesson?

Tonight we look at our 7th year specifically. Personally, it’s taken me lots of time to remember this year. Start by remembering what grade you were in, who were your friends, how was your family life?

Class 14: Unloading the Pain of Past Memories 1

Write a letter of GRATITUDE for everything that has ever happened in your life (that you can think of…and spend some time thinking please) that has caused you pain, anger or created fear.

Allow it to be sincere & authentic. The longer you dedicate to this process the more you will get out of it.

Thank Creator for the experience (if that resonates) and/or the people that were a part of it.

Be grateful for the location and any other things that are relative.

Allow this to really create a shift in the feelings that come up for you (the “stories” in other words) so that when you are reminded (triggered) in real life you now begin to recall these feelings of GRATITUDE FIRST.

The idea is to meditate/ journal and re-evaluate the circumstances so much that you now associate with the positive affirmations.

Class 15: Unloading the Pain of Harsh Memories 2

Have you identified 3-5 events in your life that you would like give back up to the Universe? Meaning, have you FULLY decided that it’s OK to let go of the pain?

Be honest with yourself…are you willing to LET THAT PAIN GO? This means…are you ready to LET THE STORY GO?

Class 16: Dropping Your Personal Pain

What 3-5 things are going on in your life CURRENTLY that may be keeping you up at night that you want to put behind you.

Perhaps it’s an emotion (anxiety/fear).

Can you identify the root? What is causing that discomfort?

Are you willing to LET THAT GO?

Class 17: Unloading the Pain of Perpetual Memories

FORGIVENESS is the theme of this class.

Practice forgiving yourself. Practice forgiving others.

Perhaps write a letter to yourself as if you are visiting yourself from the afterlife.

What would the older you say to the you this present day?

Write your forgivenesses and then say them out loud.

Class 18: Unloading the Pain of Perpetual Memories 2

What would you define as power?

What about SPIRITUAL POWER? What does that look like to you?

Are you living it?

Anything need to TRANSFORM?

Make lists of where you are, where you want to be & what needs to transform to be “there.”

Class 19/ 20 Cleaning the Clutter of the Mind part 1&2

GRATITUDE: It’s easy to focus on what we DON’T have but let’s take some time to focus on what we DO have.

I strongly suggest taking time IMMEDIATELY after this practice to write about what came up for you.

Since it’s “Clean the Clutter of the Mind” you may have lots to journal about in those regards.

This may be a good time to write a letter that you plan to burn (even if just symbolically) about what “clutter” from this year and beyond that you want to let go of.

Class 21: Cleaning the Mind 1

Have you clearly identified the stages of your life in terms of 7 year cycles (perhaps 8 year cycles for men).

Can you identify a theme or life lesson within each of those cycles?

Class 22: Cleaning the Mind 2

What are the 3 things you want others to say about you at the end of your life?

What needs to change?

Class 23: Cleaning the Mind For Deep Meditation

I LOVE this specific practice FYI. I suggest doing some deep soul searching about what you don’t want to take with you into a New Year and what you DO want to take with you.

Class 24: Release Your Garbage

I suggest REALLY putting some time into considering what ARE you ready to let go and what do you love about your SELF and your LIFE that you want to take with you beyond this moment of NOW.

Class 25: Ardh Kechari Kriya

In what ways can you love yourself more?

Class 26: Getting Rid of Transit Memories 1

Are you doing this in your life currently? Meaning do you say one thing but in your heart you know you mean another thing?

Class 27: Getting Rid of Transit Memories 2

Continue observing how this manifests in your life currently and also in the past.

Class 28: Removing Fears From the Fifth Month In The Womb

What do you know about your time in the womb?

Do you know of anything that happened in your surroundings while you were in the womb.

Class 29: Removing Fears From the Fifth Month In The Womb 2

Where in your life are you choosing LOVE and where are you choosing FEAR.

Make it a practice this week to observe your decisions, thoughts and reactions and evaluate and journal about it.

Class 30: Clearing the Magnetic Blocks from the Womb 1

What aspects of your spirit are you claiming back from your genetics/upbringing/parents?

Class 31: Clearing the Magnetic Blocks from the Womb 2

What aspects of you are you taking with you onward from here?