Spiritual Rebirthing Series

Heal and Transcend

A 31 class ONLINE Kundalini Yoga Series to EMPOWER, EVOLVE and AWAKEN.

“Kundalini Rebirthing Series: Heal the Past and Transcend Obstacles”

In these POTENT practices, I guide you through a specific yogic series based on ancient formulas to clear subconscious blocks and be in a life you love.

You will release “stories” that keep you anxious, overwhelmed and afraid so you can show up as your fullest, most RADiant Self.

All practices can be done by ANY body, regardless of age or experience, and incorporate a combination of powerful breath techniques, dynamic movements, meditation and mantra.

Each class is about an hour in length and the series is done on your own time and at your own pace.


You will leave each practice:

  • energized
  • calm
  • centered
  • more attuned to your purpose
  • clear and focused

The subconscious is the part of the brain that holds on to past traumas and dramas, which leads to decision- making based on fear and uncertainty based on events that happened long ago.

When we clean this out (through breath and meditation) we open up to a World of love, ease, abundance and grace.


“Jacki Brown I thank you infinitely for giving my body, mind, and spirit a safe haven I can return to time and time again. No matter how high my anxiety, how overwhelmed my mind, or how un-ignited my spirit when I am done with one of your meditations I feel restored, grounded, inspired, clear in my thoughts and emotions. The way you synch your exercises with the gong, your highlighted teachings before hand, your prompts and instructions for practices all allow me to go so much deeper within my meditations and emerge truly feeling like an entirely new, confident, and inspired person who can more effectively navigate my day and whatever arises within it.”

“The Rebirthing meditations you provide are so valuable to me and my life now. I created a Facebook page so I can receive the classes. I am X’s sister and have been doing the Kundalini classes with her and it has deeply changed me. Way more than counseling and other stuff I’ve participated in to find healing. I look forward to having my own access to the classes. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your work.”

“Jacki- I just did Day 1 of your Rebirthing Series and it was transformative. As things are insane right now and the world seems to be on edge…If you are in a bad head space, I highly recommend taking Jacki’s online series. It lifted me up at a time I needed it most.”

“I felt better immediately, the first class of kundalini gave me a rush of happiness. The rebirthing series was what I needed. It was crucial for me to let go of all the hurt that had piled up over the years and start with a clean slate. I had no idea I had so much pain and self-loathing bottled up inside.”