Full/ New Moon Gatherings

Full/ New Moon Gatherings

My favorite way to break down BIG GOALS is to work with the Moon cycle and WOW does Kundalini Yoga have some super special sets for us to do just that!

Check out this video I made explaining how to work with the Moon cycle…

In a nutshell the Full Moon is a time of letting go. We mirror the fullness with excessive energy and emotions (our glandular system secretes extra fluids which could make us feel out of balance) and when we channel that through meditation profound shifts take place.

The New Moon is a time of new beginnings. We mirror the darkness with a need to fill some void in our life and it’s a time for getting clear with our intentions and goals for the next Moon cycle.

Check out the video!


Mar 05 2020


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Red Rocks
18300 W Alameda Pkwy, Morrison, CO 80465

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