Hi, I'm Jacki Brown

A music lover, spiritual seeker and fashion enthusiast dedicated to helping peeps (like you) bust through lingering emotional blocks and self-limiting baggage and create and manifest a life of purpose, passion and fun.

Raised by my Grandparents in STL, I left home at an early age traveling in all directions seeking happiness, connection and meaning. What I found was a world of music and quickly created a home for myself in the music industry as Denver’s premier backstage massage therapist at venues like world-renowned Red Rocks Amphitheater, the Pepsi Center and the Fillmore Auditorium.

I’ve learned my forte is to abide by my heart-which moved me to Santa Cruz, California for 5 years of Spiritual studies and to obtain my Masters in Chinese Medicine (acupuncture/herbs) and then moved me back to my home sweet home in the Denver Rocky Mountains.

Overcoming fear is “my jam” and I abide by the rule “happiness is your birthright” so that’s exactly what I bring to the table. You won’t find many people who do what I do (and if you do I want to meet them) because all the things I do seem to be of the oldest traditions on the planet, but they have been hidden- you’ll know why when you experience the profound alignment available to you when engaging in these practices! I’m a magnet for ancient traditions- and that’s what I teach.

Dive a Little Deeper

This here is my greatest LOVE, Soren McCarty. He was the house photographer at Red Rocks Amphitheater for the same decade that I did backstage massage. Nearly all of the photos and video featured on this site have been taken by Soren. It’s an honor to share this journey with him.

One of my greatest accomplishments has been providing backstage care to many of the biggest entertainers on the planet. I was Denver’s premier Massage Therapist at Red Rocks Amphitheater, the Fillmore Auditorium and the Pepsi Center for over a decade (I even lived at the entrance to Red Rocks) before moving to the Bay Area where I did the same. 

My Grandmother raised me and I called her every day for the last many years of her life to thank her for that!

This is Gemma, my darling Jack Russell Terrier who is almost 19 years old. She loves to meditate with me. I love my baby!

I’m so humbled to have been asked to administer 2 wedding ceremonies. One was a costume wedding by Red Rocks Ampitheater. Love for the WIN!

I was featured on the Aquarian Living Podcast.

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