Hi, I'm Jacki Brown

A music lover, spiritual seeker and fashion enthusiast dedicated to helping peeps (like you) bust through lingering emotional blocks and self-limiting baggage and create and manifest a life of purpose, passion and fun.

Raised by my Grandparents in STL, I left home at an early age traveling in all directions seeking happiness, connection and meaning. What I found was a world of music and quickly created a home for myself in the music industry as Denver’s premier backstage massage therapist at venues like world-renowned Red Rocks Amphitheater, the Pepsi Center and the Fillmore Auditorium.

I’ve learned my forte is to abide by my heart-which moved me to Santa Cruz, California for 5 years of Spiritual studies and to obtain my Masters in Chinese Medicine (acupuncture/herbs) and then moved me back to my home sweet home in the Denver Rocky Mountains.

Overcoming fear is “my jam” and I abide by the rule “happiness is your birthright” so that’s exactly what I bring to the table. You won’t find many people who do what I do (and if you do I want to meet them) because all the things I do seem to be of the oldest traditions on the planet, but they have been hidden- you’ll know why when you experience the profound alignment available to you when engaging in these practices! I’m a magnet for ancient traditions- and that’s what I teach.