Ancient Tools to Manifest

Create and Awaken

A scientific combination of mantra, powerful breath work, dynamic movements and chanting and meditation.

Heart-centered acupuncture sessions based around spirituality and emotion using 5 Element Acupuncture.

Highly therapeutic grade essential oils that invoke happiness, health and vitality on all levels.

Access online and recorded classes to yoga classes to clear your subconscious and be happy no matter where you are.

Bust through self-limiting beliefs and emotional blocks by attending retreats to exotic locations.

Reach your authentic power by coming to a local event near you.


I practice many traditions that have been around 1000’s of years but have been hidden in an attempt to keep us from our highest potential and authentic power. Learn about my different programs.





I believe we all deserve to be happy and no matter where you are in this moment, happiness is just a few breath away… so you choose it. Join our online program of recorded video classes and sessions.

Ignite Intuition

Spiritual Seekers around the world are learning HOW to ignite a deep rooted life-force (inner potential) that lies dormant within the body unless ACTIVELY awakened.

I’ve helped 1000s, including many world-renowned influencers, reprogram old patterns so they can let go of the past and step into their highest expression of Self.

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I practice and teach an ancient style of acupuncture centered around the emotions. This style of acupuncture was hidden during Communist China to draw peoples attention away from their emotions, but I seek to unlock the creative life force that lies deep within us.


“I love Jacki and everything she does! Everyone needs a Jacki in their lives!!! She has helped me find my happy, ease anxiety and restore my self-confidence while giving me the needed tools to ‘ignite my purpose.’ I was really struggling to see my unique gifts just before meeting her.  What a gift she is.”


“My life has completely changed since my first Kundalini class with Jacki. I felt better immediately – a rush of total happiness. The Rebirthing Series was exactly what I needed. It was crucial for me to let go of all the hurt that had piled up over the years, and start with a clean slate.”


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I have a unique way of making this tradition accessible for everyone no matter what your yogic experience is. It is my mission to spread this medicine so if you have any questions or want to reach out to me for more information, please connect.

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